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Timepiece, a real-time, fully integrated time and attendance management software solution for municipalities and school districts, is a comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution that can operate as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated module of the Finance Manager product suite.

Intuitively designed to accurately handle simple to complex salary and attendance policy rules, Timepiece automates the process of managing time and labor information with a reliability you can count on.

As a real-time, all-inclusive time and attendance management solution for the municipal environment, Timepiece enables you to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll while optimizing your business office functions.


  • Customizable grace period for late or early leave punches
  • Comprehensive calculation parameters such as rounding rules, revision of time to schedule, daily and weekly overtime calculations, and automatic lunch break deductions
  • Allows for an unlimited number of supervisory approvals for time worked
  • Special holiday and event calculations
  • Supports complex pay practices and policies
  • Create set schedules for time and attendance monitoring and tracking pay, distribution, and pay consequences
  • Period shift scheduling from department to employee levels, including unlimited shifts and paid events
  • Grace period setup for late or early leave punches
  • Customizable scheduling of paid time off by department and/or employee level
  • Allows employees to be scheduled for unlimited number of jobs
  • Automated integration with Human Resources Attendance (attendance balances)
  • Automated integration with Payroll (pay rates, job codes and budgetary accounts)
  • Employee Pay Rates and Attendance balances synchronized with Human Resources and Payroll
  • Punch details employees absent, present, tardy, missed punches, unassigned jobs, work codes, hours, budgetary account and supervisor
  • Analysis Information displays total hours and dollars broken down by regular, overtime, holiday, comp time, etc. and employee work calendars
  • Accurate, real-time labor management reports for enhanced decision-making
  • Real-time updates from clocks
  • Ability to limit employees to specific clock devices
  • Data Collection Biometric clocks with touch screen, swipe cards and proximity card readers